BI Publisher log sucks! Even if you turn the log level to DEBUG, the stupid thing doesn’t log anything in the application log or any where. Here is one way I found out that prints useful information.

Step 1

CD to jdk/jre/lib folder under your BI Pub home folder. Example:

cd /mount01/app/oracle/product/bipub/jdk/jre/lib

Step 2

Create a file named xdodebug.cfg file with the following 2 lines:

Step 3

Create the debug folder under /mount01/app/oracle/product/bipub/ and restart the BI Publisher server.

5 types of log files will be created depending on what you run but there will be at least one called xdo.log and that’s the guy that will give you information about almost every little detail about your report.

CAUTION: Keep in mind this file will get huge if you left BI Pub running with this being turned on.

Another interesting log I found was the log file under opmn. Example: /mount01/app/oracle/product/bipub/opmn/logs

the log file name will be different based where your xmlpserver is installed. Example name default_group~home~default_group~1.log