First of all, congratulation! Unless you are working for a mom and pop shop, more than one individual have evaluated you and their conclusion was that you are the fittest person among all the people who applied for the position. So you are the winner, you are the best and you deserve nothing less.

DISCLAIMER: This note is for me. Mostly to remind myself of what worked for me.

So what you need to do or have are:

1. Be confident

If you don’t have the self confidence you would sound and look pale, pathetic, unreliable, not cool or whatever the heck you want to call.

  • Dress and carry yourself proudly.
  • Smile

2. Don’t blow your horn

  • Don’t try to go into you are the next hot shot in town or something. It doesn’t help to antagonize your new colleagues. I hate it. You would hate it too when someone does it. So why do it? There are thousands of ways to prove your worthiness.

3. Listen more than you normally do and understand the company culture

  • This thing works like a magic all the time, at least in my experience. People are more receptive and they become your friends fast.
  • Ask questions, you will learn and it will show your interest.
  • Take notes and when you get some time draw a picture of what things or what processes are in what place and how they are tied.
  • If the business is totally different from what are used to it may take some time to understand different business processes. So ask for details, ask for examples. You maybe technically cool but without the domain knowledge you won’t be able to apply those “cool stuff”.

4. Don’t procrastinate

  • Organize and don’t delay on this you will notice you are not stressed out and everyone around you would think your are a freakN speeding bullet or a torpedo.
  • Believe in the 8 hour work. If you truly believe you have 8 hour a day to do your work, you would be chopping off stuffs from your to get things done. Your boss and his boss would take you as a very aggressive guy who gets things done.

5. Try to put yourself in your boss’s position and help him out

  • He needs you not because he wants to manage you. He needs you because he has “stuffs” to get done. That’s why you exist. Work on get the “stuffs” done.
  • Send an email every week with a status like notes saying what you accomplished this and what you plan to do next week. Your boss will fall in love with you.  Ok you can take it however the heck you want it.

6. Build trust and work on setting reputation

  • It will take some time but if you work on the aforementioned stuffs this will be taken care off.

7. Don’t take sides

  • This is a killer. I have experience with this and I am not gonna mention the workplace or the names.
  • Everybody hates those little groups within a group.

8. Show the positive energy

  • Everybody loves to be around the positive and the optimistic guy.
  • If you become the guy that everyone loves to hang around with, then you become influential. No one has to vote but you become the leader.
  • Everyone should feel the “jolt” when they talk with you. You should be the source of that positive energy.